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My Notes Keeper beta 8 2.7

See how notes and information relate


  • Capacity for detailed notes
  • Easy to structure and order
  • Password protection


  • Unless note structure is very important, it will be too detailed for many users


With a name like My Notes Keeper, it's not too hard to guess what this program is intended for. The developer, however, has ambitious plans for the little application and lists a whole world of other uses for the tool, from e-book to outlining application, making My Notes Keeper nothing if not flexible.

The My Notes Keeper interface is unlikely to cause you any major problems. It is very intuitive and can be managed much like Microsoft Word, even down to the skins. The general idea is that you add notes in the large, word processor-like area, customizing them to your liking with all the usual fonts, colors and formatting. They are then displayed as a modifiable tree diagram, where parent and child tasks, color-coding and easy moving make your notes extremely easy to organize and view.

My Notes Keeper has an impressive range of features and configuration options, the majority of which are designed to help you get as much detail as possible into each note. You can add links and images, attach documents, import data, export the notes and print and structure your trees as desired. It is this range of flexibility and content which makes the program so versatile. Although the developer's suggestion that you can use it as a photo album is probably stretching a little, it would be perfect for any kind of research, especially if the notes could be typed up directly in the program.

If organized notes and information is central to your task, you're probably going to like My Notes Keeper. It makes it very easy to see the relationship between different areas of information and once the note has been written, it is easy to change, move or erase it, which means it is perfect for research, which is likely to change and develop over time. My Notes Keeper is quite detailed, and while some will appreciate the depth this adds to their work, many others just won't need such a wealth of extra information.

My Notes Keeper is perfect for research where displaying detailed, related information is key to the task.

Add attachments size in status bar. Add node modified in status bar. Fix some minor bugs


  • Add attachments size in status bar. Add node modified in status bar. Fix some minor bugs
My Notes Keeper


My Notes Keeper beta 8 2.7

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